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bank by Alteru bank :iconalteru:Alteru 30 1 Fables from the Grove Street Y by Alteru Fables from the Grove Street Y :iconalteru:Alteru 28 1 We Are WI by Alteru We Are WI :iconalteru:Alteru 10 3 These words are not mine by Alteru These words are not mine :iconalteru:Alteru 29 5 People in Trees by Alteru People in Trees :iconalteru:Alteru 34 3 Natalie in the water by Alteru Natalie in the water :iconalteru:Alteru 27 1 Floodplains revisted by Alteru Floodplains revisted :iconalteru:Alteru 30 1 When we sat by the river by Alteru When we sat by the river :iconalteru:Alteru 30 1 Garden, Mine by Alteru Garden, Mine :iconalteru:Alteru 23 3 The Gardens of The Valley by Alteru The Gardens of The Valley :iconalteru:Alteru 19 1 Would've been better with you by Alteru Would've been better with you :iconalteru:Alteru 25 1 Morning Hill by Alteru Morning Hill :iconalteru:Alteru 14 1 Stolen Houses by Alteru Stolen Houses :iconalteru:Alteru 39 3 Cliffs of Split Rock Creek by Alteru Cliffs of Split Rock Creek :iconalteru:Alteru 25 4 Bukit by Alteru Bukit :iconalteru:Alteru 45 8 I'm glad we met by Alteru I'm glad we met :iconalteru:Alteru 46 5
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Separated at Birth? The Bootleg Tapes!

:thumb47597836:lomo 0027 - and then... by opcd-lomo
...Nothing could distract us.. by Lestrovoydoggies iii by carvinganish
:thumb26519090:Fleur de cuivre by UnfinishedSympathy
light catcher by prismes:thumb47302000:
:thumb20728931:Reflecting Trees by DenisOlivier
catfish by Slopjockey:thumb38393222:
in the flat fields by CiRcUsSpiDeR01010101 by CompleteSilence
Deux freres 2 by Renoux:thumb39966754:
:thumb36122401:wasp factory by kuru93
in case you missed past editions
:iconintao:intao 56 32
when we're old
when we're older
we'll live together
in a big house
with a big dog
and when we're older
we can be together
all alone
we'll stay at home
and watch old movies
that we've watched
a hundred times
and we'll have jobs
that end the same time
so we get home
from work
then go out for supper
and when we're older
we won't be old
we'll just be old enough
to be in love.
:iconmia561:mia561 1 2
looking for simplicity in nature (part.2)
As i mentioned in my previous article ( , nature always give inspiration to artists, especially to photographers. There are too many hidden details in nature, which needs more attention to find out..
We must see things more simple and plain, reflecting this to art, basicly would show us how life is so pure :aww:
Here are more examples of inspirations from nature :
Vi traekker vejret by ExtravagancaAcrobatic by hellfiredivalotusland by futurowomanIn my dreams... by ThierryVa dream for every dreamer by equivoque:thumb46638096:Promise me.. by by emillyin Seclusion 2 by yvremaining light by equivoqueNothing compares to you by soninhaDeployment by AiaePetals by myrnajacobsFly Away by alienjackiDSC4078 by nathanieljc
:iconmonstermagnet:monstermagnet 35 34
Portfolio Page Design Winners!
Portfolio Page Design Winners!
As announced last week we were offering to let the deviantART community get the chance to design the subscriber portfolio page. And as promised, we would be announcing those winners today! So without further ado, here they are!
:star: Winning the Grand Prize of a one year subscription and 100 deviant Dollars is electricnet with this smooth clean stylish design. It was the top pick from everyone involved in the judging, and bonus points for creating an html version off site!

:star: Second Place and receiving a 6 month deviantART subscription and 50 deviant Dollars is roush2dee with this design which is similar in theme to the v5 colors

And the runner up winning a 3 month subscription and 25 deviant Dollars is aquaraven with a unique, almost reverse color scheme!

The grand prize winner will be retooled and set up to work as t
:iconlolly:lolly 318 961
The Thinking Man Project
The Thinking Man project goes live!
joysoftruth's Thinking Man Project is a community-oriented project open for any and everyone in deviantART! :)
Currently counting on 50 pictures, the goal is to achieve more than 200 shots, with no limits whatsoever!
Therefore, if you want to participate, you only need a 320x240 picture of yourself doing the "thinking man" pose and Note or e-mail it to joysoftruth. Pictures can be bigger, but if they are, they'll be resized.
So, grab your cameras and webcams, hit up the best pose you can, and let's make this project a part of dA history!
Hope to see you in there!

Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in. (Napoleon Bonaparte)
:iconxexa:xexa 78 80
Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Eight
Welcome back! Sorry for the long delay between articles. I'm cutting them back to once a month so I have time to prepare nothing but the best CSS samples for you ;D
Let's begin!
Rounded corners
You might remember this from a while back, but it's back yet again, with updated code! Thanks to long time supporter Monkeyshack, we have a new set of rounded corners code for you to get your slimy little mitts on. These look awesome and don't rely on external corner images to function.
You can download them from here: Corners Example by MonkeyShack. Any questions can be sent to myself or Monkeyshack
Dynamic journal?
Yes! It is possible! To a certain extent. How would you like a journal that changed appearance every time you viewed it? Using an older bit of code from my gallery, you can!
Download Random images in your journal.. Replace the items in the arra
:icongrayda:Grayda 152 103
Best of Photomanips - January
January’s featured artist:
Rebecca-Parker: A delicate use of textures characterises this deviant’s style, be sure to check her whole gallery:

Best of January:
bitchinblack’s picks
Tyche:Mala by Aphariel :thumb46980396: PART II by john-affelwoolf :thumb47322164: THE SORROW OF PAN by niko2137 :thumb45879692: Choice...The Illusion Of by DISENT
nighty’s picks
The Frog Prince by Foxfires :thumb47614863: :thumb46329820: the inner child by delilah20 inevitable death by JenaDellaGrottaglia Friends by miskis :thumb45982228: :thumb46211265: :thumb47054211: X by ItsSuperSam Pending new year by AlekseyN Infancia vazia by rubem :thumb47676080:
kuschelirmel’s picks
004 by heavyrado :thumb47731629: Found on the Beach by Sagitarii Exit by shadewind Cocaine.remix by Youjimbo Stretch by Nomad1 :thumb47547309: A Woman's World? by mskate Waterveins by Dhuaine The Heretic by DISENT :thumb47313316
:iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel 53 34
- Stealth Shots -
People have since been curious to art that can easily define thoughts. Beautiful art is usually hard to come by. Most people see something that is different then other people, just from how each persons mindset is. Here are some photos that create a mood to help one think.
This weeks showcasing.
Random Shots </i>

Buggy by saamhashemi :thumb47626241:
Bridge in false color infrared by snailfan-man Melbourne Panorama I by white-rhino
Infrared by solarii :thumb37903184:
Walk Home by saamhashemi :thumb47690106:
:thumb47921341: :thumb47918680:
:thumb47917421: white Crocuses ... by grandma-S
susten pass by Cageron the tree of freedom by Ivan-Suta
far from the warmness by feebonacci California Poppy 2 by TruemarkPhotography
All images are copyrighted by their respective owners.
If you would like to send in an image you think deserves to be seen. Send a note to :iconwingzx18: or :iconMagicRulez:
:iconwingzx18:WinGzx18 29 64
Impressive Unnoticed Macro III
Animals & Insects

Mr. BuzzBody by 95vtex ABSTRACT WORM by thermalraven
Great Leopard Moth by Cillana Overlord Bugeye by Toby-1-kenobi a w a y by 666Glass666
:thumb47891569: Fire Inside by Coltography another world by jfarchaul
Network by PopiX Grevillea macro by ex-arte white white by palominodweezil
D R O P by ozzyalp :thumb47713982: :thumb47707363:
Quartz and Garnet by carlosfandango23 Za trevite i vqtyra by daie :thumb47572128:
Small Mushrooms by libra78 Pine Tree Thing by oachkatzlschwoaf shell by mikeb79
:iconice-teague:Ice-Teague 34 55
100% Q.C. Approved! 02/02/07

This article features quality art prints that just passed through the print approval queue! See what amazing works our fellow print artists have submitted in the past days!
We hope you enjoyed today's print features! Check the deviantART Prints News Page for updates.
:iconmidnightexigent:MidnightExigent 27 12
deviantART Reaches all Time Traffic Highs
Well, we fixed that bottleneck and you got the speed you requested. Site is blazing fast and the natural process continues...
... millions of new requests quickly filling up capacity.
It's really very exciting to watch. In fact it can be crippling to your day if you aren't careful checking google analytics like an ... analytical chip monk as Moonbeam13 so ... eloquently put it.
The Raw goods:
Pageviews are defined by one user accessing one page and any contents of that page.
Hits, which are not referenced here would be different in that they would account for all raw hits to internal servers.
:bulletgreen: All time HOURLY pageview record of 1,997,429 at 1pm today (Feb. 2nd)
:bulletgreen: All time DAYTIME pageview record of 33,323,352. Although we've averaged 32,500,000 for a time since we hit that bottleneck so this one isn't exciting.
What *is* exciting is the projected 34,989,519 for today!
We expect 5% growth like this per day until the site hits its
:iconspyed:spyed 120 199
Spot: The Magic Man Departs
There was a period of time in the life of deviantART where enormous pressure was placed on our team for an extended period of time that exceeded the concept of high stress, commitment, determination and above average will.
In some circles it is recognized that start-up companies go through perhaps their most challenging pains in year two and three. If you've made it that far in a start-up, the idea is good, the business has reached some amount of validation and what you're left with is the challenge and responsibility of seeing it through its most formative years.
At deviantART we faced this challenge with no outside capital, we relied entirely upon our gracious and hugely supportive and loyal community to help us through the most trying of times. And to be blunt we relied upon and tested the raw guts of our core leaders in the company to take charge of a few critical areas and to perform for deviantART above and beyond any other responsibilities.
From my personal perspective two names
:iconspyed:spyed 528 563
New Sharing Tool Coming!
Share The Good Stuff!
As deviantART grows in size one of the things that often times comes up is "how on earth do I get noticed here?" as well as "I just saw this cool piece of art and I want to really get it out there to show other people". Well, we will be making that much easier for you later this evening with a new link that you will find next to deviations that will allow you to quickly send a thumbnail of the image to another deviant via our note system…but that are just the small stuff!
In addition you will be given the means to easily publish it to, and Now you can be part of helping killer art from DA infiltrate further and further into the tubes of the internet!
All of this will be accomplished by an easy to use "Share This/Blog This" button next to each deviation.
How Can I Participate?
The way to allow others to share y
:iconlolly:lolly 392 799
Portfolio Page...Contest! CLOSED
Portfolio Page...Contest!
**UPDATE** The contest is now closed and winners will be announced Monday!
So as many of you may recall, we promised to add a special portfolio page to subscribers accounts? Well, we are working on getting those rolling out but we have come to a stumbling block trying to decide exactly how they should look. And hey, since you guys will be the ones using them we decided you should be the ones who get to choose what they look like. But first…
For those unfamiliar with the concept I shall explain. The portfolio page will be a page that has a space for personal information, contact information, and the ability to place deviations on them of your choosing. The deviations will have no commentary on them, and a description will be optional. You may also pick and choose what deviations go on them. Primarily with things like this you would use it to showcase your strongest work.
The page itself will be
The point of t
:iconlolly:lolly 400 598
Separated At Birth?-The Comedy? The Tragedy!

mannequin by Slopjockey:thumb41735398:
Tangoed by monosolojesus is the only way by lloydhughes
nerd by bleuzgame . . . 6 by mehmeturgut
The Mysteries of Early Spring by equivoque2005-11-04 by jvdgoor
detour. by ilsilenzioNameless by intao
Cheers by mathildednutilitarian supernova by HanameHime
Beyond The Mirage by SebastienTabuteaudM.12 by Djoe
Black - White by clockworkAppleTies by rawimage
Molo by denis2My way down by LutherBash
some past editions
:iconintao:intao 58 43



United States

but mostly buzzing around the house on espresso
I saw you sitting on the front porch of that pretty house you sit at, and you looked like a sunset there against the grey sky, with your blue bright sparkling eyes. I dreamed we sat together there on the lawn at the world's end, hands linked forever beneath the decaying moss....apes to humans...ashes to to bone to dust.


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